GameMaker for Education

GameMaker is the perfect tool for teaching students of all ages how to make games. Using our intuitive ‘Drag and Drop’, students can create a game in a matter of minutes before having to write any code!Click here to find out more.

Buy AB Tutor

AB Tutor iPad client NOW available! World Class Student Management Software Get Started with a free trial! Site Licenses Available – Please call $1900 AUD for an Education Site License

Student 1:1 Computer Program Monitoring Software

Solutions to issues with having a Student 1:1 Computer Program; Use Classroom Monitoring Software to keep students on task in class. Recommended Solutions, AB Tutor, NetOp, LanSchool, Impero. Use Asset Management Software to keep your student computer assets compliant. Recommended Solution, eScan Recover stolen laptops or mobile devices with PC Phone Home/MAC Phone Home. Contact SEI Software for more information …

Monitor 1:1 Student Computer Program

Do you have a Student 1:1 Computer Program and need a solution to monitor your student computers? Classroom Management Software may be the answer. It allows the teacher or administrator to perform the following tasks in a computer networked classroom; Monitor Student computers Restrict internet and application access Broadcast the Teachers screen to Student computers Control Student keyboards and mice …