The Premier solution for computer lab management

Netop School 6

Netop School6 is the premier solution for computerized teaching from Netop, the world’s leading provider of classroom management software. Designed for educators who teach in networked classrooms or computer labs, Netop School6 incorporates powerful tools for preparation, instruction and evaluation in one complete solution. Share your computer screen with the class, supervise student computer work, lend a hand when needed, control application and internet use, distribute and collect documents, create tests and evaluate student progress. Only Netop School6 offers this complete, feature-rich set of tools in an intuitive new interface that is fully customizable to streamline your teaching process.

The next generation of Netop School: Netop Vision Pro

Netop Vision Pro is the next generation classroom management solution that replaces Netop School. Netop School is being integrated with the Netop Vision product line under the new brand, Vision Pro, to create a family of compatible products.

Netop Vision Pro – the new premium offering in Netop’s Vision family

With Vision Pro we have expand our Vision family of products to include a new premium classroom management offering. Netop Vision Pro is built on the Vision platform and gives educators the advanced classroom management solution that combines the ease-of-use of Vision with new capabilities in the form of enhanced features.
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Vision Classroom

Vision Classroom