Effective management of classroom computers

AB Tutor Control

AB Tutor control software

Monitor & control your student computers

AB Tutor Control is world-leading PC remote access software that has been designed in response to requests from teachers and trainers who need to interact effortlessly with their students on an individual, group or full classroom basis using a very simple and intuitive user interface.

This remote control software enables teachers (or network administrators) to control a number of student workstations in a computer training room – or remote location – from one central workstation. Classroom groups and policies as well as Internet and application restrictions can be created by teacher or network managers to maintain security on large networks. This means AB Tutor becomes a major component in maintaining safety in the classroom.

Network administrators and help desk support staff also fined the software useful as a means of remote access support and diagnostics.

The software consists of two components, the Teacher (Tutor Control) program and the Student (Client) program. The Student component is a very small program installed on all the students’ workstations you need to monitor/control and can be installed on as many machines as you like as this component is free of charge. The main Tutor Control program is installed on the machines to be used by the teachers or administrators. This is the main controlling program and it’s just this component you will need to purchase.


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