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Bring Your Device or Technology(BYOD) in Education is an amazing educational concept, but they can also be a huge distraction to learning. The Internet, instant messaging, email and games are a constant temptation for students. Who is liable if devices are lost or stolen?, SEI Education selects the best Classroom Management and Device Recovery Solutions from around the globe to keep students on task and recover their devices if lost or stolen.

Classroom Management Software helps teachers keep students on task by managing their IT devices. It allows the teacher or administrator to perform the following tasks in a computer networked classroom;

  • Monitor Student computers
  • Restrict internet and application access
  • Broadcast the Teachers screen to Student computers
  • Control Student keyboards and mice
  • Wake or shut down Student computers remotely
  • Chat with students
  • Work in a wireless environment

In a 1:1 environment the big difference is the Teachers and Students are mobile. Every class period a new set of students and computers enters the room. To overcome this challenge it is recommended that having the students connect to a teacher works best. In
some situations, like schools using iOS devices, we still recommend this model. However, for most schools we highly recommend using the concept of class lists.
Class lists are text files that contain lists of student computers, login names or Active directory names.
They can be created manually by teachers or automatically by creating a real-time link with the school’s student information system. When a teacher loads a class list, the students in that class list are temporarily switched to the teacher’s channel from their home channel. Once the teacher dismisses the class list the students are returned to their home channel.
The major benefit of class lists is that teachers can quickly start class. In the earlier model it could take 3-5 minutes to get all of the students to join the class. With the proper use of class list profiles, it is possible to get class started in under a minute.
In the schools that we’ve worked with, classroom management becomes an important part of the 1:1 learning solution. It is used to train teachers as well as students. Eventually the teachers move past the pure monitoring features and leverage the software to create an interactive, collaborative,
differentiated 21st century learning environment.

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